Charyn Website Privacy Policy


This Charyn Website Privacy Policy describes how Charyn Asset Management, Inc. ("Charyn") gathers and utilizes information gained from any prospective and actual buyer (in both cases defined in this document as the "Buyer") accessing the Charyn website (the "Charyn Website").

Registration Information. When Buyer registers to participate in a Charyn Web auction, Buyer must complete the registration form, submitting certain personal information. Charyn’s practice is to retain that information and incorporate it into Charyn’s customer database. Buyer must be at least 18 years of age to register at or to use the Charyn Website.

Use of Information. Charyn does not intend generally to share, rent or sell any of Buyer’s personal information without Buyer’s consent. Charyn will take all reasonable measures to hold with the utmost of care and security, information that Buyer provides to Charyn. Within this framework, Buyer’s participation in an auction shall imply Buyer’s consent to allow Charyn to provide (i) Buyer’s contact information to the seller if Buyer is the winning bidder; and (ii) Buyer’s credit card information to the appropriate company to: (a) evaluate Buyer’s credit worthiness; (b) protect against fraud; and (c) execute Buyer’s purchase. Charyn shall have no obligation or liability of any nature with respect to any such company or the services it provides. Charyn will use Buyer’s contact information to advise Buyer of future auctions and other similar promotions, unless Buyer advises Charyn that Buyer no longer wishes to be so advised.

Cookies. The Charyn Website uses cookies to speed navigation, keep track of items and provide Buyer with specific information. Specifically, Charyn uses them to avoid Buyer having to re-enter personal information and to analyze Charyn’s audience as a whole. Buyer must note that if Buyer links to a third party website from the Charyn Website, information about Buyer may travel with Buyer and become available to the third party.

Tracking of Information. Charyn tracks information about its customers and transactions both to be able to measure and evaluate the usefulness of the Charyn Website and to maintain records with respect to individual sales. Notwithstanding the previous sentence, Charyn makes no representation that it will, shall have no obligation to, and shall have no liability if is fails to, record or maintain any information with respect to any Buyer transaction. Charyn may use information about Buyer gained from the registration process or from tracking in providing Buyer specific auction material or other information. Additionally, Charyn may disclose to suppliers, trade sources and other persons, non-identifying information gained from tracking, such as aggregate statistics about its users, traffic patterns and similar site information, generally for uses such as marketing, promotional, advertising and product development. Similarly, Charyn may share non-identifying personal information in aggregate or summary form to its suppliers, customers, potential partners and other third parties.

Links to Other Websites. The Charyn Website contains links to other non-Charyn websites. These third party websites are not covered by this Privacy Policy. Charyn is not responsible for the content or for the privacy polices of any other website. Charyn advises Buyer that whenever it utilizes a link on the Charyn Website to a third party site, Buyer will be subject to the terms and conditions and privacy policies of the third party site. A link from the Charyn Website to any other site does not indicate Charyn’s endorsement of that website’s services or policies. Accordingly, Charyn strongly encourages Buyer to read all available information, including posted policies, and learn about all linked websites prior to interacting with any other website in any way. Charyn shall not be responsible for any action of any third party, even if accessed by linking from the Charyn Website.

Security. Charyn uses industry standard secure server software to prevent third party access to Buyer’s contact information. The measures include encryption technology, passwords and security protocols. Nevertheless, as with other websites, Buyer must recognize that Charyn cannot absolutely protect against interception by third parties. In addition to security on the Charyn Website, Charyn also uses security measures to protect information that is stored in its offices.

Extraordinary Disclosure. Although Charyn’s policy is not to use or share the personal information about Buyers in ways unrelated to what is described above without also providing Buyer an opportunity to opt out of such unrelated use, Charyn may disclose personal information about a Buyers or its use of the Charyn Website, for any reason Charyn believes is reasonable or required under the circumstances, including to address any law or regulation, such as the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, to respond to any governmental or legal request for such information, to disclose information that is necessary to identify, contact, or bring legal action against someone who may be violating the Charyn Website Agreement, to operate the Charyn Website properly, or to protect Charyn and any other buyer.

Use by Children. Charyn does not intend for any person less than 18 years old to have any access to the Charyn Website. No one under 18 years old may provide any information to the Charyn Website.

Opt-Out Policy. Charyn provides any Buyer with the opportunity to cease receiving communications from Charyn at the Buyer’s option. At the time of registration, Buyer may check the box that indicates that Buyer is interested in receiving information on future auctions and related information. If Buyer does not check the box, Charyn will not send Buyer such information. If Buyer has checked the box requesting to be so notified and later decides that it no longer wishes to be notified, it may, to any email that it later receives from Charyn, clearly request to be removed from Charyn’s email list, such as by putting "Remove" in the subject line of the reply email, by emailing Charyn at, or by telephone Charyn at (415) 621-5733.

How to Modify Buyer’s Information. Buyer may access and modify information provided by Buyer during registration. To modify such information, contact Charyn Customer Service at

Further Information. If Buyer has any questions about the Charyn Privacy Policy or with to contact anyone with respect to the Charyn Privacy Policy, Buyer must contact Charyn Customer Service at, or write to:

Charyn Asset Management, Inc.

184 Hooper Street

San Francisco, California 94107

or to such other address as may be designated by Charyn from time to time.

Revisions to Charyn’s Privacy Policy. Charyn reserves the right to revise, amend or modify the Charyn Privacy Policy as well as the Charyn Website Agreement at any time and in any manner merely by posting any revision, amendment or modification to the Charyn Website. As long as Charyn has posted the then-current Charyn Website Privacy Policy on the Charyn Website, Buyer shall be deemed, by entering and accessing information at the Charyn Website, to have fully read and agreed to the then-current Charyn Website Privacy Policy.